KMC Z610HX Single Speed Chain


KMC Z610HX 'Dropbuster' 'Rustbuster' BMX Single Speed Chain.

There is NO better Single Speed chain, at any price... This is one snazzy and reliable 3/32" single speed chain for the most discerning of drive trains.

1/2" x 3/32" x 112 links
Connecting (Master) Link Included (Not Coloured)
Unlike most coloured chains these are NOT cheapo 1/8" jobbies - THAT is why they are not cheapo in the priceo.


9 speed chains - are designed to be thin enough to allow for that large crapcluster attached to your rear hub. They are designed to SHIFT and will NOT work with most single speed cogs or rings.

7 to 8 speed chains - some do an admirable job. As they are designed to use thinner side plates for shifting they are MORE prone to stretch and even BREAKAGE. In most cases geared chains are more expensive.

BMX 1/8 chains - are you planning to slide the curb? teeter over a fence? is your drivetrain SPECIFICALLY 1/8??? Probably not. Under $20 is CHEAP for a chain, why buy a $10 chain that is LOUD, NO-STRONGER (no it is NOT) and DAMAGES your freewheel and cog. Last time I checked this chain was cheaper than the front ring...

Alice in Chains - well that is not even close. No matter how loud they scream you cannot use an under-nourished rock-star to power your bike.