Misfit Psycles Brass Headbadge



The real deal and NOT even remotely standard on Misfit Psycles frames...this is pure Gucci for your headtube.


Heck ya.
A real live genuine 3D relief brass headbadge...each one lovingly anodized to give it a right proper depth and character.

Unlike aluminum, brass blackens when molded. some of that original colour (albeit black and not specifically a colour) holds through after the anodizing process giving an antiqued look.
This is a look that you can ONLY find on headbadges costing hundreds of Rubel's more.
Headbadges available ONLY at exotic headbadge stores in Beverly Hills, London and Bolton.

Silver (shown left)
Brass (shown right)

This headbadge is NOT pliable and weak, it will not bend to suit your needs. It is a manly headbadge, rigid and stubborn.

As such, it is available in TWO sizes.
For both Aluminum and Steel frames.

ARC 38 is for the Nummers and diSSent (Fe) - or 'other' steel frames you might try to dress up.
ARC 41 is for the diSSent (Al) - or 'other' aluminum frames you consider worthy.

Weight: 38g
Heavy man, but you can't put a scale on cool...if you do, you aren't.