Misfit Psycles Singlespeed COD Cog


Not just any Shimano compatible (slide on) Cog.

The Big Ole 6.35mm base will not damage your fragile aluminum or Ti freehub bodies...not that it matters, but they won't hurt steel either ones either. You know how the song goes "I like big cogs and I cannot lie..."

7075-T6 Aluminum
1/2 x 3/32"
Shimano Spline
16, 19, 20, 21 and 22T Available. Collect the whole set!
Black Anno
Fancy Lazer Beam Etching.


They are just about perfect for multi geared hub conversions and MOST single speed freehubs...
WHAT!? not all single speed hubs? No, not all...
Threaded hubs?...c'mon, get serious, nope.
Those pesky ones with ALL standard splines?...Nope, and they are crap anyway, you know which ones they are. Right maybe not crap...

No Steel? Don't be silly. And stop asking that damn question about everything...NO! COD COG's do not wear 'fast', unless you are stupid, in that case you could wreck them. But you would likely find a way to wreck steel too.

Weight? They are feather light, near weightless when compared to their steel brethren. Actual numbers may follow but as of today they weigh less than the donut I just swallowed.