Misfit Psycles Sticker Collection


Misfit Psycles Genuine and Official Promotional Sticker

Five Reasons to Purchase this Item:

  • It's a sticker.  
  • It's promotional.  
  • It's official.  
  • It's genuine.  
  • It's a Misfit Psycles.

This Misfit Psycles genuine and official promotional sticker can either be stuck to an item or person of your choosing OR it can be left in an unstuck state and used to clutter up your drawer or counter for ages to come.

The images of this sticker are pretty clear...
And that's exactly what you get when you order this sticker...a sticker, printed on white vinyl and lovingly crafted by the sticker guys at STICKER GUY!

Story of the Sticker

This custom sticker was lovingly designed by Peter Keiller.  Peter Keiller is not just the man behind the curtain at MisfitPsycles and PsycleStore, while a relative unknown and unknown even to relatives today, one day his works (if not these particular workings) will be worth a tidy fortune for one of two reasons:

  1. Talent was developed, popular demand demanded and much infamy subsequently ordained.
  2. Commercial talent remained ellusive until life culminated in an incident involving a bell tower, a rifle and nakedity.

Purchase this item.  
It's inexpensive and by doing so you will be supporting one mans dream to never wear pants again.